Saturday, May 28, 2016


If not family, where should i turn to? Right? ....

No matter what, my family will be always comes first. You know how it feels when all your family members gathered but u need to clock in for work! Sobs. I may look like OKAY but inside, i am not okay, okay? Haha

Today tok ros buat kenduri. But im not able to join. I dont know, somehow i find it really hard for me with this job. Sigh. But its okay, just follow with the flow! One day, i believe i will get what i dream for. I really want to be a business women. One day, i will. InsyaAllah. 

Haha so cute! Ibu bila travel mesti dia pakai collar tu for support. Hahaha. I love them all. So much. 

They will not be forever with us. Remember that. So, love and appreciate them while they still with us. 

Yana Aziz

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