Saturday, May 28, 2016


If not family, where should i turn to? Right? ....

No matter what, my family will be always comes first. You know how it feels when all your family members gathered but u need to clock in for work! Sobs. I may look like OKAY but inside, i am not okay, okay? Haha

Today tok ros buat kenduri. But im not able to join. I dont know, somehow i find it really hard for me with this job. Sigh. But its okay, just follow with the flow! One day, i believe i will get what i dream for. I really want to be a business women. One day, i will. InsyaAllah. 

Haha so cute! Ibu bila travel mesti dia pakai collar tu for support. Hahaha. I love them all. So much. 

They will not be forever with us. Remember that. So, love and appreciate them while they still with us. 

Yana Aziz

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Its been a while i didnt write. Harini 12/05/2016, alhamdulillah tahun ni dah 24 tahun hidup. Thanks to ibu ayah for who i am today. 

How's life? Life is great, adakala tenang adakala ribut. Kerja mana sekarang? Yes still with uniqlo. 

Anyways, this coming 27 is my 4th year  together with him. Pray for us! Moga dpt belanja korang makan nasi minyak. Haha

Till then!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 6 of Ramadhan

Alhamdulillahhh. This is the first year that im fasting and WORKING. Hehe. Im not working in the office, sitting in front of computers/laptops. My job is realllllyyyy challenging especially during fasting month. Its a good experience tho. From first day of puasa I worked on noon shift. Ive 2 times of break; 1hour and 30mins. First break is 1hr. Usually for noon shift o will go break is either on 4pm-5pm or 5pm-6pm and second break is on 7.30pm-8pm or 8pm-8.30pm. The best part is when me and my colleagues go to bazar ramadhan to buy some foods. We took train only one station, pergi balik rm2. Hahaha epic seyh because that time is the time for all the officer went home. So we were like running and ber-explorace for our foods. We need to get back to our store on time. Haha. I really really enjoy when i go to the bazar. So happy. Since march, its been 3months i work with KLCC team. I started to feel that bonding is getting closer and stronger between us. Even if almost everyday i breakfasting with them, i never felt sad because of i cant eat with my family. But sometimes yeah :( Oh anyways, yesterday (5th of Ramadhan) i ate (breakfasting) with my family members. So happy but sad sebab ibu ayah came to my place and only one day i can eat with them :( only god knows what's in my hearts. I love my family so much. That love is immortal, nothing can be replaced. Last but not least, bahagiakanlah mereka(ibu ayah) selagi mereka ada. #yanaHomesick Salam Ramadhan.