Sunday, October 21, 2012

it's MONeyDAY!

Hello Hi Assalamualaikum semua, today is MONeyDAY! hehe. let's be better and be a goals achiever. So, what's your goals for today? for me, my day akan jadi best if ada goals. contohnya for today, nak basuh baju, nak study calculus, nak pergi beli a4, haa gitu. ala-ala things to do la. HAHA. so here at teratai, i got my own mini whiteboard. later i"ll post the picture of it. 

oh btw, today i got 2 tests. hopefully boleh jawab dengan jayanya and score. may the force be with me. jyeah! lots of story nak ceritaaa. nnt i'll find time to story story. duit hilang. hmm i kinda miss my family :( hopefully i can be better and stay positive. pray for me. hihi. 

here's some positive vibes for you guys.

oh yeah, aku rindu semua kawan-kawan aku :)


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