Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wishful thinkers

written by farihah aiman.

now its 2am. i dont fell like sleeping tonight. nasib baik esok first two periods are msian studies, so i can skip. haha
hope pn halijah never find ur blog.

i'm just so sick of comparing kabinet menteri for each year, cam tak perlu pun tak apa. i'm not interested in politics, i never wanna be a politician.

where are u today u seems lost. i've been waiting for your messages since forever.

exams coming in less than a week. do i have the strength to study harder? everything is hard for me now. sometimes i just wanna give up, settle down somewhere and mind my own business.

kenapa bad things datang non-stop? sometimes i just try to be nice but things turn up to be the other way around.

where are  u today u seems lost. get back to me by tomorrow.

farihah aiman.

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