Tuesday, April 27, 2010

nothin much

heyhoi.nothin much to say.
the thing is,u hv to trust me,criusly.
yeah,its ur job but u noe..
its not like i jealous or wtv or nk gila dat thing,
no its not.its bout my life.
let see,if im not goin,then bila lagi isnt it?
after this mylife is gettin busy.
IF i gt dat jpa,for sure i'll FLY.
then,for sure no time for hanging out with frens.
ohh ya,like wht u noe,i gt very few of MALE frens
err,yang u noe,is moja.takhabes2 tny pasal moja.ergh~
mybe sebab dlu dia slalu maenkan piano for me,
bu,act dats for org laen,dia just mintak yana dgr je dlu.
dnt get me wrong ibu,we're not a couple pon.
kami kawan baek :)
haa,ade lagi weh
dlu slalu laa phone ni kena check,
then semua msg is from her.
dia dh fikir laennnn...
still,she's my bestfriend,i love her
so just now,aku dah mop satu floor,
as in atas je r,bawah nnt r.penat doh :(
saya dah xdemam.
thnks to awek2 yg call,and msg.sumpah talarat,
u guys macam ibu aku.hoyeah!
wht ive said today,i mean it.

yana aziz

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