Thursday, February 18, 2010

lu bikin gua panass

setiap manusia mempunyai sebab yg tersendri,
ats apa yg meraka lakukan,
same goes to us,
*shaz,najwa,n tuno*
well,kami buat itu semua ade sebab.
apa kata u put urself into our shoes.
wht do u feel.
kepada org yg blocked-head sahaja yg dapat menerimanya.
mmg la,all the band's teacher back up u.
forsure lah,sebab ur not tell the truth on whts goin on.
come on lah,mmg ini cerita lama
tp when i read ur blog,i felt like ****
wht did u say ha,“dosa fitnah lebih besar dan terkutuk dari membunuh”
even mase tu kami bru 17years old,
but at least we noe,halal haram,fitnah/kenyataan,dosa pahala,baik buruk.
FYI,we dnt like to talk bout u pon.
jst certain ppl yg xde keje je ske ckp psl u okay.
", Rahim and Radziah. These are God’s beings that I certainly have no kind words nor prayers for. I have been taught by educators of Islam that “dosa fitnah lebih besar dan terkutuk dari membunuh”. Holding on to that, I leave their fates in the hands of our God whom I do believe is just. I’ve had my fair share of “balasan” to believe that he does return you fairly. Do good, you’ll get good. Do bad, hey, we’ve all been warned before. And I’m sure these beings are smart enough to have known what a lowly person like me knows about our religion. Potential 10As can’t be too dumb. My only prayer for all of you is for God to make you pay. I have yet to check the Quran on the “balasan” for slander and/or murder. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be on the nasty side."

still remember yg u mrh ppl yg mgumpat u??hahh.
setiap org ade mulut sendri,so u cant stop them.
jst accpt it,u can talk bout othrs,
y dnt us??ure the,mcm mana cekgu nya,mcm tu lah muridnya.
gt it?wht u gv,u gt it bck.
maye dlu u pna wat thcr u cam ni jgak.
b4 this no one yg berani bantah ur words,semua obey je kn.
yeah,u like a person yg obey aje ur words,sng lah.
nobody perfect.
nahh.thats enuf.cukuplah putar belit cerita.
we'll see then how.
Allah maha adil

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